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About Us

Centrally Located Out of Merced, CA.

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About Caddyshack Rodent?

Caddyshack Rodent Service is a company centrally located out of Merced, CA extending throughout the valley that aims to reduce the population of gophers and squirrels in agricultural, commercial, and residential settings. With our machines, we can achieve this without the use of synthetic poisons. Carbon monoxide is pumped through probes inserted into underground tunnels, putting the furry fellows to sleep in their burrows.

Meet the Caddyshack Team

Kyle Espinola (1).jpg

Kyle Espinola


North Madera Region Manager

(559) 363-3315

Brian Silveira (2).jpg

Brian Silveira

North Region Manager
(209) 564-8207


Gilbert Campos

South Region Manager

(559) 395-2537

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